Fullerton Family Scholarship for the Isaacson School of Communication, Arts and Media

Natives of Ohio and part-time residents of California, John and Jessica Fullerton created the Fullerton Family Scholarship to attract out-of-state students to the great state of Colorado and specifically Colorado Mountain College. More importantly, the Fullerton Family Scholarship is designed to reward merit-based students from around the United States who are interested in studying at the Isaacson School of Communication, Arts and Media within the Aspen or Roaring Fork Campuses of Colorado Mountain College. The Isaacson School is named for Walter Isaacson who is former managing editor of Time Magazine, former chairman of CNN, and award winning author of the biographies of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs. Students applying should be able to demonstrate a history of strong scholastics including a GPA of 3.0 or greater and a commitment to community and academic activities. Finally, applicants should demonstrate a genuine interest in digital and new media as incoming students to the Isaacson School.

Eligibility: US citizens classified as out-of-state who are enrolled or enrolling full-time in the Isaacson School of Communication, Arts and Media at the CMC Roaring Fork and Aspen Campuses. Applicant must demonstrate a GPA of 3.0 in their most recent academic year. Recipient selection will be based on merit including academic activities and community service.

John and Jessica Fullerton
3.0 GPA Requirement