Friends of Mylissa Memorial Scholarship

Mylissa Burnett Eckdahl joined the Development Studies faculty of Colorado Mountain College at the Vail campus in 1997. Her area of expertise was developmental writing skills. She taught courses in that discipline as well as coordinating programs, all the while pursuing a doctorate in her field at Colorado State University.
Mylissa’s promising career at CMC was cut short in 2001 after she suffered injuries in an automobile accident which left her a quadriplegic. Despite her disability Mylissa continued her involvement with college and community projects until 2009, when she passed away leaving two young daughters.
Mylissa’s life and struggle with debilitating injury has been an inspiration to many in the Vail Valley community. As a professional, she was dedicated to the idea that learning is a lifetime activity and that the improvement of language skills is a vital component of success for everyone. It is in keeping with her expressed goals for student development that we have established this Friends of Mylissa Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Eligibility: Need based scholarship for Eagle County residents attending the CMC Vail Valley at Edwards Campus. Minimum 3.0 GPA.

2.5 GPA Requirement, 6 credit minimum requirement