Howard Endowed Scholarship

Tom and Verna Howard believe education is the key to the future; they are committed to supporting it. It is out of this commitment, and a clear desire to make an impact locally, that they established the Howard Scholarship for CMC Edwards. The Howards recognize that the option of relocating to attend college can be prohibitive for many. The Howard Scholarship offers financial assistance to students who are committed to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree at CMC Edwards, allowing them to stay in the community while pursuing a college degree.

Eligibility: Applicants pursuing a Bachelor degree at the CMC Edwards Campus. Applicant’s credentials will be evaluated by the CMC Scholarship Committee. The scholarship is available to Eagle County residents, attending the Edwards campus, who can demonstrate financial need for the scholarship.
Minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.

Tom and Verna Howard
3.0 GPA Requirement, 9 credit minimum requirement