Anschutz Foundation First Generation Scholarship for New Media

*In addition to the numerous nonprofits and projects supported along the Front Range, the Anschutz Foundation has partnered with CMC through a grant to provide scholarships for first generation students working towards the Associates of Arts in New Media program. The Anschutz Foundation seeks to support in district and in state students as they become the first in their families to attend college through this innovative program within the Isaacson School for New Media.
Amount of award will be based on enrollment hours as indicated on scholarship application.

Eligibility: Current or Incoming CMC student pursuing a 2-year Associate of Applied Science in New Media degree. The ideal scholarship candidate will demonstrate academic ability and demonstrate first generation student status by submitting: Official transcripts that reflect a high school or college GPA of 2.75 or higher

Anschutz Foundation
2.5 GPA Requirement, 6 credit minimum requirement