Kevin Alwes Memorial Culinary Scholarship

This scholarship was created as a positive way to remember and celebrate a life gone too soon. It was important to our family to find a way to do some positive and life-changing things in the face of losing Kevin. This scholarship was a way for us to honor him and to help another student follow their passion in the culinary world.
Kevin discovered his passion for cooking and the culinary arts in high school. It gave him the motivation to finish high school and follow his dreams. He loved his family, he loved his pets and all animals, he was fiercely loyal to his friends, he loved skateboarding, he was always smiling, he was kind to everyone, and he of course, loved food and cooking.
It is our sincere hope that this scholarship allows another deserving student to follow their dream as well.
CMC Summit Campus Culinary Program
In-district or In-state
Minimum GPA 3.0

The Friends and Family of Kevin Alwes
12 credit minimum requirement, 3.0 GPA Requirement