Jeschofnig Family Science Scholarship

Peter Jeschofnig, Ph.D., CMC Professor Emeritus, taught Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sciences, and Anthropology at CMC’s Leadville and Glenwood Springs campuses for over twenty years. His wife Linda Jeschofnig, M.S. was an adjunct instructor of Accounting, Economics, and Business subjects for seventeen years.

During their tenure, the Jeschofnigs established and conducted spring break Anthropology Tours of the Southwest, comparing life in the modern Pueblo of Taos to a variety of ancient Anasazi Pueblos of the past; summer Science Field schools throughout Central and South America, studying rainforest ecology, marine biology, plus the languages and cultures of those areas; and summer Great Travels program, familiarizing students and community members with India, China, and places of the world a renaissance person should visit to understand current global issues. They also developed a unique micro-scale chemistry kit that enabled distance education students to perform campus-equivalent laboratory experiments. From that kit, Linda established Hands-On Labs, Inc. which today produces lab kits in multiple science disciplines that are used by college and university students across the nation with their online and on-campus courses.

The Jeschofnigs have created this scholarship in gratitude to CMC: for fostering an academic environment that allowed them to enrich their own lives while enriching those of their students; and for its continuing dedication to fulfilling the college’s mission to provide access to quality higher education for all students who seek to improve their lives through learning.

The Jeschofnigs are also passionate about the importance of science education and science literacy in the world. They believe study of the sciences not only provides science knowledge that opens career opportunities, it also informs students understanding of the universe in which they live, makes them more knowledgeable and capable citizens; and helps them hone critical thinking skills that will enhance their decision making skills throughout their lives.

Eligibility: Full-time students pursuing a degree program with an emphasis in science. Applicants must be classified as in-district or in-state and must demonstrate a minimum GPA of 3.0. First preference will be given to students enrolling at the CMC Roaring Fork (Carbondale, Glenwood Springs or Spring Valley) or Leadville Campuses.

Peter and Linda Jeschofnig