John T. McDonough

John T. McDonough

Evelyn & Richard Boggs contributed to Lake County by serving as dedicated educators for many years. Evelyn taught natural history, math and biology at CMC Leadville, and Richard taught science and special education at Lake County High School (LCHS). Among their many contributions, Richard developed the Wilderness Experience Program. Both were also involved in the state-wide Youth Conservation Corps. Richard shared his passion for cross country skiing and running with students, coaching both sports; Evelyn volunteered as a gymnastics and volleyball judge at LCHS. In addition to their contributions as educators, Evelyn and Richard were deeply involved in numerous Leadville community volunteer activities and initiatives. They continue to enjoy the great outdoors when they are in Leadville and can be found cross country skiing or hiking on the community trails.

As a tribute to the Boggs’ successful careers in education, their good friend John T. McDonough created the Tribute Scholarship to celebrate the positive impact they made on thousands of students throughout their years of teaching. John shares the Boggs’ passion for education. This passion lead to a lifelong career as a mining engineer in Colorado and around the world, following his graduation from the Colorado School of Mines. John wishes to support students pursuing a degree in the science fields, and especially those students from our mountain or rural communities who aspire to complete a college education.


CMC students pursuing degrees in the STEM fields; Full time students who have completed two semesters of college credit, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.